What If There Is Nothing?

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Giving up.


I feel empty. This is fine.

I’m not giving up a dream, the dream. I’m letting go of a long held goal. 

You can’t get there if there is no place to go.

Felt like depression (label) now settling into a type of peace.

Is this what surrender is? There were no real tears. Just acceptance of What Is.

David Carse says that even the awakening is part of the dream if it happens to a dream character. Who awakens? Who cares?

If reincarnation ends, then what? Living in a void? Not living, just Being. Perhaps, just perhaps living this life is vastly more entertaining if one can view it that way. Just having the ego quiet may be all the awakening this dream character needs.

If there is no one here to care, who wanted to awaken so badly? No one! It was all a trick! The struggle made the ego stronger! Not weaker.

“Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9% of everything you think, and everything you do, is for yourself-and there isn’t one!” Wei Wu Wei

What if there is nothing, just the Void when we awaken and/or when we die? What if the nightmare my life has been at times was still more entertaining than the Nothing? What if life is worth living and experiencing only because it is Something?

According to Wei Wu Wei, the ‘I’ and ‘time’ must exist together. One is impossible without the other. The ‘I’ needs time so it can label, judge, and have a past with memories. 

What if I am all the characters in this dream? What if I am ALL the characters of all my past lives in every instant of every life, past, present, future, being experienced now? What if I would be every experience, every note of music, every sound, every bird and its every song? What if I would be everything, in every moment for billions of people, plants, animals for billions of years? What if the mind simply can’t handle that? The crack must be a total break of the mind structure.

What if this mind simply can’t handle the Truth?

This feels impossible. It is impossible.

Voice: “You are either all of them or none of them. But you can’t be just one of them.”

We are not all ONE! We are all NONE!  TÂ

“I am That”, is not accurate. It implies I is all and that I is ego. Subtle difference but important. It gives the ego too much power, status.  It should be translated as “That Thou art.”

IT’S THE SPACE! It’s been the space all along. Focus on the space, the gap, the silence. The space is the screen for the movie. The space allows the music to flow through the flute. The space is You, your consciousness.

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