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Sunset and sunrise commonly used even though it is known that the sun doesn’t rise or set… I, you, etc

Pg 175 Snake and the rope in cemetery. Led to thoughts of my Grandma. 

Kept Joseph away because either she or mother lied. I thought it was her.

Joseph loved her. I’m so sorry, tears, another breakdown? Failed him as a parent… So, so sorry Joseph. Not in control of any of it. That doesn’t seem fair. Why would life want to hurt Joseph through me? It doesn’t seem fair that I had no control. 

Why would Life want to experience such pain through me? It doesn’t matter to Life!


In that instant ‘I’ got it. There is no self. The body is like an animated puppet. It doesn’t matter what is done to it. ‘It’ doesn’t care so “it” doesn’t matter. If you write a story does the character get angry because of the drama you create? No. It doesn’t really exist.

Stillness–ego fading

Body is humming.

A little burst of pride and the thought appears, “Oh, that’s ego!” No, no it’s not. That’s life! Those feelings and thoughts were labeled “ego” or “I” but that’s the illusion. They’re not! It’s all just life.

The illusion comes from not being aware. Being aware is being awake.

Words are flowing easily as I try to describe this experience. Then the thought appears, “If this can be put into words, ‘I’m’ not there yet.” Where? Nowhere. Everywhere. But this isn’t it.

Enjoying a comedy. Feels like there was someone enjoying it. Wait! No! There was just enjoying! Got it! No ego, no one there. Always awake, just not always aware.

“Suffering is a call for inquiry. All pain needs investigation.” N. Maharaj

Suffering and pain raise questions. The questions won’t occur until you already have the answers deep within…. Suffering in all its forms is the greatest invitation to awaken…”

My mother felt her life was horrible. It wasn’t. It didn’t seem that way to anyone but her. When the cancer came her only question was, “Why me? Why not you (or Hadlee)?” She looked in the wrong direction, outward not inward.

****Think of a huge cloud full of creative energy. Billions of lightning strikes. (Each strike represents a person.) The Lightning doesn’t bemoan its fate. It doesn’t feel Quilty because it struck this house or caused that fire. Neither does the cloud. It’s just the creative energy. The Lightning is just a conduit for that energy. When a tornado forms it doesn’t think it is real. We give hurricanes names but the hurricane doesn’t think of itself as a name. It doesn’t think of itself at all. It is just energy that can’t control what it does. The cloud doesn’t control anything. Neither does God. It does no good to pray to the cloud to stop the lighting. It can’t be stopped until it’s time to stop. It has no control and neither do you. 

You can’t try to be aware. You will be aware inside the dream. I am and that’s not it!

If you dream of an earthquake or a hurricane destroying many homes and millions are homeless, what happens when you awaken? Do you rush out to find one of the victims so you can share your spare bed? Or do you shrug and say, “Wow, that was some dream!”

This is why awakened masters don’t try to help the world. There is no world to help and there is no ‘awakened master.’ This is also why a truly awakened master doesn’t teach. There is no one to teach.

So what about the ZM? Either she isn’t awakened OR she is a figment of my imagination. I am a figment of my imagination, so….

“THe one who has fully investigated himself, the one who has come to Understand, will never try to interfere with the play of Consciousness.” N. M.

So according to this book there is zero chance of awakening. Zilch. No one awakens. You just are awaken. Nobody here to even try. Can anyone in a dream ever really do anything? No. I get it. Yes, there is still an I. 

It is getting depressed. Why would Life want to be a trickster and then enjoy the depression? TI truly don’t get it. In the dream.

*** How do you purify something that doesn’t exist within a dream that isn’t real? TÂ

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