I Am… Everything

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“It seems that in most cases the Understanding comes after some period of seeking and of coming to an intellectual understanding of the teaching of the perennial wisdom…so something of a recognition when it happened.” It may also be a hindrance. (Was this DC? I can’t remember.)

What if?… The consciousness that moved from this me to another me after the transition (death) may not have actually been a past life. What if it was showing me that consciousness is the same within everyone.? What if everyone feels the same as I do inside? Just playing different games? With different thoughts.

M&M, J&J, Marti, the nuns, Donald Trump, and the ZMs. I am them. I can still see a body but look into the eyes. The same consciousness.

Tears of love and joy fell for a while.

N. Maharaj says, “Back up. Go back.” 

Jed McKenna says, “Further.”

As long as ‘you’ exist there is a level underneath. Keep going.

Go back to the I Am which is prior to all.

The body analogy is more like a puppet, than a car.

Suddenly had the feeling I was Jeannie. I could feel her pain, see the world through her eyes, then Joseph, ZM, strangers. Overwhelming. Crying. Hearing “collective human”…can’t remember the rest–suffering or consciousness or nothing else? Anyway huge release. I am also animals, Mickie, Geno, Mozzi. I am the grass and trees. I prefer being a tree. No, just a different view.

All That Is is a creative energy ( but not a thing) that must create. Have you ever wanted a dream to occur so you experience something or find an answer? Have you ever just let your imagination run wild and thoroughly enjoyed where it took you? And that’s it. Life experiencing life. Or just experiencing.

There is no one to awaken. At some point Life stops pretending that it is asleep. And yet the dream continues. Even this is part of the dream.

Truth is a gift, there need be no money exchanged. Gifting money is different from being charged. Anything you have of true value, you didn’t pay for.

Where is it written that teachers can’t work to support themselves? That they have to live off their followers? That there has to be huge organizations? In the past, the student went to the teacher instead of the teacher traveling all around the world… Who is there to care if every soul is awakened? It’s playing to the ego.-DC

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