You Can’t Get There From Here

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“There really are no stories, as there is nothing happening here. The stories are only what the dream characters tell to themselves and to each other over and over, and in doing so keep the dream going…. Awakening does not occur while pursuing a story… Awakening occurs when this desiring is irrevocably seen to be misguided, seen to be futile. Then the story telling stops. Then the story stops. That is going beyond.” Ch 10 David Carse

Ch 11–“The dream character goes on being the dream character… But the character has been gutted…there is nobody home…. Like the electric fan which keeps spinning after the plug is pulled…

The dream does not necessarily imply a dreamer…This is actually the key. The idea that there is witnessing but no entity of any kind to be a witnesser is incomprehensible to our minds as they have been trained…. If that shift happens, and it is understood at the deepest possible level that there is no individual doing, thinking, experiencing anything, then nothing else need be understood, nothing else needs to be done.”

Experiences, even experiences of awakening, don’t matter. All dream stuff. 

You can’t get there from here… There is no path from here to here (where you already are). No practice, devotion, prayer, meditation, learning or work will get you where you already are. Here.

T–Does sitting in the presence of the Divine really help me as it seems to? Perhaps the Divine is sending extra energy to help us pop out of the dream. But that implies a doer, a sender out ‘there’ somewhere. So even this is inside the dream.

Paraphrasing–Your perception of the world is the illusion. Mind-created illusion. The world itself is actually All That Is. It is all the same and nothing. You just don’t see it that way. You aren’t you. Just a shift in perception is needed. 

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