You Are Where Life Wants You

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Glenda the Good Witch– feeding your dragon exercise

I still have doubts about ZM being at 1000 mostly because she lets the nuns conduct classes and that she holds on to Buddhist traditions so tightly.

This morning I realized (again) that she is just a projection in my dream. I couldn’t imagine a 1000 so I projected a 750ish. Now I am seeing (within this dream) at a higher level so I am being drawn to higher level teachings. David Carse for today…

“There is no one to try. This is what I mean by saying it comes naturally ‘from the other side’ and cannot in any way be achieved by working at it ‘from this side’… If awakening, the Understanding, is to happen, it will happen, but I absolutely assure you it will not happen as a ‘result’ of a dream character performing some practice. A practice may happen. Awakening may happen. But there is not a linear casual relationship between the two.”

“When you are asleep, and dreaming, what does a character in your dream ‘do’ to cause that character to wake up? It is the dreamer, not the character, who ‘wakes’ up and waking up happens when it happens, for reasons well and thoroughly outside the control of any characters in the dream, including the character which in the dream you think is you.”

Also if you are a spiritual seeker frustrated by chasing its tail, that is where Life wants you. That is where you will stay until life decides to wake you up. TÂ

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