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8/25 cont


The universal factory created seven billion vehicles, different makes, models, colors and years. Then the energy of life started flowing through them. It’s fun and exciting to race down the highway of life. Even the collisions and the dents create a drama that is entertaining.

Early in the vehicle experience, a mama car explained that this is my car and no one else’s. My car is given a name and a belief system. I see the other cars on the road but they aren’t as important as MY car. 

(I know that at some point my car will stop running. This happens when the vehicle is abused and neglected. But the energy of life will just find a new car. This vehicle will be buried or burned but it won’t matter. Life will have moved on to another vehicle.)

I eventually notice that the Windows of my car are rolled up and my car feels totally separate. Then one day a collision occurs and the windows (mind) are broken. They no longer roll up. Now I feel, notice the air coming in through the cracks. I slowly realize that the air I’m using (breathing) is the same air, space as all the other cars are using. Like a universal fuel source.

Now there is an understanding that this vehicle isn’t as important as the air, the space, the energy.  It is truly just a container that the energy of life is using to have fun, to experience itself. I occasionally step out of the vehicle and revel in the space that I Am.

Even when inside the vehicle, the Windows  are no longer closed so the space, the energy is Being noticed. 

One day “I” will decide to not return to my vehicle because I Am now the air, the space, the energy. There is only Being, no noticing… Then…

I am Awake. Now there is no I, no air, no space, no energy. And there never was a vehicle or even a highway or even a life.

Tuệ Âm

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