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Trying to feel the Divine within my awareness.

Meditating on the I. 




Sharon–just a label

I–just a label.  (GG) Gateless Gatecrashers

I can see clearly that Sharon is a label. My parents could have named me anything. But seeing the I as just a label is still proving difficult. I think the I is my intellect. Then I got it. My intelligence is the thing I’m most proud of! Why would I want to give that up? Well, I don’t. The sensation of I is located at the head because people would look into my eyes and say my name. So head, brain, intellect…

(GG) The “I” is just a thought, and thoughts don’t think! 

The name Sharon doesn’t think. A name can’t think. So why do I still believe the “I” can think? The I is a label, a word, but it appears as a sensation around the head, the brain. 

Where is the name of Sharon floating around your energy field? It’s not there.

Where is the pronoun of “I” floating around your energy field? It’s not there. It’s not real. It is invisible. It is just a collection of thoughts. 

All the words you use to describe yourself, got together and created a false center. Most (if not all) of your descriptions are false so how can the I be real, even if it was more than a label. How can something false be real?

You are just the Divine with no judgments!

You can’t be the I and the Divine so choose what is real.

The pretend I attaches itself to experiences in order to feel more real.

“You think you are just the labels, words you have used to falsely describe your Spirit.” My Spirit whispered to me…

Now, I see my divine self with all these labels and words surrounding it. Those words are who I thought I was! Tears… They are just words!

My guide was “smudge”

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