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Went to temple. Still painful. I had stayed away for three weeks and the pain was almost gone. Also, the ZM’s special dharma talk was still about kid’s camp. Why does this keep happening? Because I’ve moved on?


Memory just surfaced: Angel food cake from Nelsons store- changed brands and it was terrible. “You don’t waste food!” Is this why I can’t stand to have leftover food after a meal?


 (Desire and judgment go hand in hand. If I judge something as beautiful I want it. If I say it isn’t good, I don’t want it.) So notice judgements and desires. They spring from the same well. TÂ


While meditating, I saw that I needed to still do forgiveness work on some family and friends. And of course they needed to forgive me. I saw a flash of my physical appearance at 35.  In that instant I realized that was part of the reason for my inability to lose weight and keep it off. I didn’t want to look like the old me, the one who caused everyone so much pain. 

FYI: focusing on I Am while listening to GHarrison and focusing on the music is almost taking me to Awake. Keep practicing.

7/11 I have now been able to reach Awake through the music. I focus on awareness (Divine within) and then I focus on the music. Then I bring the music into the body and/or awareness and become One with it.

Also, when touching eyeballs with palms, thoughts stop and breathing changes. I am aware but no thoughts and no ability to change the breathing pattern.!!!


Dreamed last night of eating raw hamburger meat until it made me nauseous. Should I stop eating beef? In the Hindu religion cows are sacred. Is that why?

Why is it so difficult to reach Awake if it’s already here! 

Returning to the Gateless Gatecrashers website to ask for a guide.

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