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I am feeling moments of extreme happiness this morning. Why? Did I clear enough last night for a shift to have occurred? Or is it as Osho says, when you experience unhappiness, happiness will follow? That’s depressing in itself and another reason to awaken!

Don’t judge! No good or bad. I finally get it. I judge the things they ask me to do at the temple. I’m bad or they are. No! No judging. I don’t have to do every thing they ask. I just need to stop the judgment. When I say no, I judge myself. Stop! If I do something too physical, I judge the nuns. If I say no,  I feel guilty and judge myself.  So I am fighting with myself and there is NO way to win. The same applies to my issues with ZM.

Weight is a judgement.      Which foods to eat is a judgement.

Beauty is a judgement.        Thoughts about Trump are judgements.

Pain is a judgement.

What about when I like something vs not liking it. Is that a judgement? Only when you don’t like some food or person  or book because they are “bad” or vice versa. Just notice how you feel and if there are thoughts there. Thoughts create a barrier to awareness.

Being filled with wonder is not a judgement. Being filled with compassion is not a judgement if there are no thoughts. Then it is coming from awareness.

When you see racism around you, just notice. Accept that it is happening. No judgement. You may ask, “What should I be doing?.” But not, “What can I do to help?” That implies judgement. So do you just let racism continue? Ah, it doesn’t have to in your world, your dimension. When you truly accept and let all the angst go, you are in a different dimension. You no longer need to see it. The angst is like an anchor. It holds you down into the muddy, cold water. 

You see what you need to see in this world, what you need to learn so you can grow. When you have have mastered the lesson, there is no need to see it anymore. Perhaps the entire reason for this dream is to show us what we need to do to awaken…

***You are never upset for the reason you think. (ACIM) Go deeper.

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