Many Issues

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Reading Osho and he writes that Buddha said, “I am not he who was desiring enlightenment; I am not he who was ignorant. The old man is dead completely. I am a new one.” There is a gap. You can’t get there from here which is why so many say this is not a path or a journey. I am ready to give up. Now, I feel hopeless. But I remember that Deepak Chopra says we blink in and out of existence 26,000 (?) a second. In those gaps, we still exist. Maybe. So how do I enter the gap?

Breakthrough!  I finally realized that it wasn’t the body pain that was my main issue with the temple (beside ZM not being accessible). It was the overworking, the abusing our good nature, the expecting we would always be willing to do whatever they wanted. That was the same attitude of the administrators to the teachers. Whatever they wanted we had to do. And then there was Joe! He refused to help clean the house because he didn’t care how filthy it got. As a child I could cry or get sick and get out of most of the housework. Ah, get sick! That is still a pattern. I cried until I felt the primal scream come.

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