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6/26 Continued

Also, I tried the “look in the mirror while you are angry” technique. I think it works. I was using it on the temple issues. I couldn’t get really angry because I kept laughing. Does it work when you are almost angry?

Then I tried other topics. I craved peanut butter. So I took a spoon into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I laughed but the desire stayed. So I did it over and over until I saw a vision of my mother saying, “This is crap,” and she threw the spoon into the sink. Uh oh! I projected my desire for food onto my mother until she lost weight. Then I projected it onto myself! Damn.

Last night I asked for a dream to tell me if I would awaken or if I was wasting my time. The dream: I was driving to my old neighborhood but when I topped the hill I didn’t recognize it. There were lots of beautiful houses to the right. To the left was a clock tower, like Big Ben. It was rounded on top and made of white stone. Gorgeous! In between, there were industrial type buildings but clean and nice. I thought I was lost but then I realized that everything had changed. 

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