Head Vs Heart

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Osho says there are two paths to awakening. 1. Through the head; 2. Through the heart (devotion and trust). I do not trust so I must use the head. Perhaps this is my purpose–learn to use the head to awaken. This would be the way most of the Western world would need to follow.

I was trying to trace the root of my distrust. Mom used to tell me that she would hide when I was a baby so I would cry. Then she’d reappear and I’d be happy. Go deeper. The elderly neighbor kidnapped me when I was six months old because my mother would just let me cry. Go deeper. My mother was drugged when I was born, during labor. (Standard practice in the 50s. Mothers were unconscious during birth. This meant that bonding between mother and child didn’t occur in those early moments. This affects the newly born child deeply.) Those drugs also seeped into my blood stream. Bingo! Now I understand why Julianna said everyone needed to forgive their obstetrician. A drugged birth means the person has difficulty feeling emotions, bonding and trusting.

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