The Soul Is Perfect

sharont6 | Awakening/ Enlightenment | 07 11th, 2019  |  No Comments »


The Resolution of a Perfect Soul is the title of my next book. The name was given to me in a meditation 7-8 months ago. I didn’t understand it. Now that I am about to awaken I do. The soul is perfect even though it appears to be flawed. Those flaws buried deep with the subconscious and unconscious minds are pushed to the surface by the Divine energy. These are karmic issues that much be resolved before enlightenment can occur.

I started doing an exercise from Osho tonight. Rewind your day. Try to see the memories as movies, and go backwards. Then do the same for dreams.

One important dream–Zen Master and all the nuns skipped out, left the center. We went through the books and there was plenty of money, so that is not why they left. Could it be that they were about to be exposed as frauds? No this is my dream, for my benefit. I think they were just leaving my dream, illusion. May be time to cut all ties.

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