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I was reading Osho last night and came across the section on the third eye. It touched me deeply as did the part about watching the gap at the end of the breath. I KNOW this but have forgotten it. This morning I remembered that I was born with a huge red birthmark over my third eye. Also Master Toledo opened my third eye during the shaman class. I cried with regret for taking so long to remember.

George H. whispered to me during dharma one day that I didn’t need all the pomp and circumstance to awaken. Now I understand. Buddhism is also an organized religion, just like Christianity. All the bows and bells… Buddha didn’t do all of that! He also didn’t ask for money. 

Late night: I was told while meditating that I am observing the voice in my so I can’t be the voice, ego. (I have read that somewhere.) Then I began to cry again. All of this forgotten knowledge is reemerging. 

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