Good Bye

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I had made the decision to step away from the center for two months. I was going to tell the nuns after ALL class. But they dropped a bombshell. The ZMs had agreed to sell their previous property for $500,000. The nuns were not happy, and were fighting the ZMs on the decision. They wanted our help. Physical labor and more money. A recurring theme. It was clear they had dirty water over their attachment to the place. They want to turn it into a museum. I am a little upset that they can’t see their own dirty water.

I think the decision has been made but Thay wants the nuns to see their dirty water themselves. And this is just my thinking but perhaps she was testing us to see if we understood their dirty water and our true thoughts might help it sink in for them. That is why I spoke my truth.

While the ZMs are lovely people they are still alive. This property is where one ZM began her center but it’s not where she was born. Plus she isn’t dead yet! They keep referring to the Buddha’s birthplace as being sacred ground. I’m sure it is but this is where he was born.

The part that upset me the most was that the nuns couldn’t see their own issues. They cried and tried to manipulate us into helping. If they are not about to see their issues, how can hey help me?

This has been one of my issues with the center. The nuns teach the classes, not the ZM. And they really don’t know what they are doing. Why is all information coming through them? I wanted to be the ZM’s student. I am not.

This will be my last class at the center. This is not good for the body, mind, soul or pocketbook!

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