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Valley—low spot in life, low thinking, ideals, lack of insight

VCR-record or remember past events; could be warning that you are remembering the past too much

Voting– What are you “voting” for? What do you want to happen?


Waiting– What are you waiting for? Are you waiting patiently? Is it a long line>

Wall—barriers or protective boundaries

War—Who are you fighting with? –conflict in your life

Washing-a need to clean up your act, forgive, or get rid of negative emotions; “wash your hands” of a problem

Watch—notice the time; Is it time to do something? Are you late?

Water-emotions, or spiritual refreshment

Weather-may indicate your moods, emotional atmosphere

Weight-self-worth, self-esteem, influence or power, ability to throw your weight around–or a pun on wait.
Overweight-overestimating your ability
Underweight-too little self-esteem or ability

Wheel-coming full circle, completion; closure

Wind-general flow of your thinking; steady wind indicates steady will power; the stronger the wind, the stronger the mind forces; Angry wind means angry mind

Window—What are you looking out at? What do you need to see?


X-rated-a negative element

X-ray-seeing through barriers, seeing through a person or situation


Yeast-increase, uplift

Yield sign-shows a need to reevaluate a major issue in your life; perhaps you need to “yield” to a different point of view; a different direction


Zero-absence of quality and quantity, sign of eternity, super-consciousness

Zerox-What (whose) idea is being copied? What message do you need to get out to others?

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