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Paint-to paint is to coverup something; to paint a picture is to express creatively

Pictures—what do you need to look at, “picture this”

Police-authority figure, your conscience, or indicates a need to analyze your actions; if police are chasing you it implies guilt, or a need to pay for your crimes

Prism-view the situation from all angles

Puppy-a new friendship; someone fun to be with

Puzzle-a tendency to make things harder than they are; What issue are you puzzling over?

Pyramid—firm foundation, mystery and wisdom, high vibrations and spiritual powers; could represent a “pyramid scheme”; may be a good omen


Quartz-spiritual purity, truth;

Queen-domineering personality

Quiz-may contain questions you need to ask yourself


Rain—a gentle rain may be God’s mercy and forgiveness poured on you; cleansing; may be domestic trouble; What feelings do you have about the rain?

Rainbow—peace after the storm God’s promise to us; may indicate health and wealth on the way

Rat—symbolizes dirt, filth, disease; someone may be “ratting you out”

Ring—creativity or things you create with your hands; loss of ring may indicate a broken vow

Roads-the path you are on, your direction in life; Are you asking for directions? Is the road smooth, bumpy, straight or curvy?


Sale-may be a good deal or opportunity

Sales tax-may be a hidden cost of something

Sand-shifting attitudes; change of mind

Scars-inner fears

School-indicates learning is taking place or needed; What level of school is it?

Screwdriver-self-induced pressures; unscrewing would mean a lessening of pressure

Seashells-spiritual gifts or talents

Shoe-the foundation on which you stand; how well you travel on your path

Sign-always has a message for you; try to read what is on the sign

Skunk-who is stinking up your life? Causing a stink? or a need for justice

Snow—frozen assets, feelings or emotions–need to thaw them out;
Snowflakes-God’s blessings being bestowed on you but you aren’t ready to accept them

Spiders-highly creative, weave ideas together; or it may indicate a conniving individual

Stars—illumination, high hopes, search for truth

Stove-see oven

Sun—symbol for God, enlightenment, spiritual blessings

Swimming-spiritual activity such as prayer, meditation, loving kindness; Are you swimming easily or floundering?
Murky water-negative emotions that need to be dealt with


Table—domestic happiness if the table is clean; or may be a place to lay things out, face them, planning, or an element of support

Tax-additional responsibility

Tea-healing strength

Teacher-Who is trying to teach you something? What do you need to learn?

Teeth— symbols of the words you say, how they affect you; pulled teeth may show a need to remove offending or negative words; may be a sign of major change

Telephone-someone is trying to get a message to you; Try to hear what is being said; If the line is busy it implies a lack of openness or being unwilling to listen

Television-may be a source of information about your life; What is showing? May mean you have clairvoyant, telepathic or clairaudient abilities

Thorn-possibility of being hurt

Thunder-mental forces in action; warning of a coming storm, may be emotional

Tornado-destructive mental forces, temper tantrums; frequent tornado dreams need to be taken seriously–may indicate a real tornado coming

Toy-lack of seriousness; just playing around

Traffic-how you are traveling along your life path; Is it easy or difficult?

Traffic jam-temporary setback

Traffic light-directions for your journey
Yellow-caution/slow down

Train-train of thought; path of least resistance; going along with everyone else

Trash-useless items; throw away

Tree-“Tree of Knowledge”; life force; “family tree”; Check the health of the tree

Trip (journey)-change in life direction; may provide valuable lessons; may actually signify an upcoming trip

Turtle-fear of facing responsibility; slow in the race



Umbrella-protection from spiritual issues or emotional storms; May be protection of angels or prayer; skepticism

Underwear-fear of exposure; covering up

Unicycle-self-reliance; going alone

University-higher levels of learning

Upside down– misconception or idea; looking at an issue the wrong way

Urine-necessary waste; emotions, feelings

Utopia-unrealistic goal

U-turn-a need to go back to a former issue; or may mean that you are going back without realizing it

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