The Healing Benefits of Laughter-part 3

sharont6 | Emotional Healing | 07 29th, 2010  |  1 Comment »

Some hospitals are beginning to incorporate laughter into their healing programs. (I tried this in my classroom one year. My students became so rowdy, I had to end my little experiment. Apparently when adolescent children begin to laugh, they simply cannot stop!)

Make a list of all your favorite tv shows that make you laugh. Some of my favorites are:
I love Lucy;
Everybody Loves Raymond;
King of Queens;
The Nanny;
The Late Show With David Letterman;
Everybody Hates Chris;
The Planet’s Funniest Animals;

Modern Family;
The Big Bang Theory.
Yes, I know some of these shows are corny. That’s what I like about them. The ridiculous often gets a laugh. I even watch reruns of The Munsters. What can I say? I think the show is hilarious! I also like blooper shows, funniest commercials, etc.

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