Dreams M-O

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Macrame-twisted ideas

Magnet-obsessive, compulsive behavior; uncontrollable

Mail-messages received or sent; Can you read the mail?

Man-intellect, aggressiveness, will power, ability to fight if necessary

Marigold-sign of encouragement

Meadow-inner tranquility

Meat-main part of the meal; most important part; or who do you need to “meet”?

Menu-multiple opportunities

Mermaid-spiritual confusion; denial of reality

Meteor-inner enlightenment

Milk-“milk of human kindness”; food for the young or immature

Mirror-self-reflection; how you see yourself

Money—karmic debt; coins may mean “change” is coming; Who do you owe? (may not be a monetary debt)

Monkey-immature; foolish; likes to play around

Moon—ancient symbol of the subconscious mind, feelings, cycles, dreams; may represent happiness in love

Morning-new start, beginning

Motel-state of transition, change; You won’t be here too long

Mountain-major obstacle; or a sign of spiritual growth
Top-close to God, higher states of consciousness; clear thinking
Climbing-moving closer to God

Mouse—meekness, fear, timid “mousey”

Mouth/tongue-words you speak; What condition are they in?

Moving-action of direction you need to take in life;
Backward–going over the same issues again
Moving to a new house–Look at the condition of the house (states of consciousness): Is the house in good condition, larger?? Or is it messy, small?

Mud-emotional trauma; emotional barriers; emotions are keeping us from seeing clearly


Naked-nothing to hide; feeling exposed; How do you feel naked in the dream?

Names– look at the name for clues, such as Wright, Fox, or Wiseman; If it is a famous person look at the traits you admire or reject

Neck-“sticking your neck out”;your will power being used to do things

Needle (sewing)-something needs to be repaired

Newspaper-latest news, gossip, public opinion

Night-time to explore hidden aspects of yourself; may signify lack of light or knowledge in an area

Noise Pollution-a need to sort through all the extraneous messages to find the truth of the matter

Nose-curiosity, “nosey”,or a “know it all”

Numbers-are very meaningful in dreams; Each number has its own meaning-look up single digit numbers here

Nurse-healing, compassionate personality

Nuts-seeds, ideas, potential for growth


Obesity-overindulgence in an area

Ocean—emotions; rough seas=disturbances in life; crossing the ocean may mean a departure to the other side (dead) or just to another state of consciousness

Octopus-too many opportunities; randomly reaching out

Oil-oil of human kindness, way to remove friction

Olive oil-healing balm

Onion-healing aspect; strong opinions

Open door-easy access; come on in

Orange (food)-fruits of the spirit; friendliness, warmth, love; nourishing benefits

Outer space-deeper knowledge

Oven-place to cook up new idea; completion; hot ideas; slaving over a hot stove

Owl—intelligent, knowledge, wisdom

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