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Jackpot-rewards and benefits received

Jade-healing qualities or healing talents

Jail-need for punishment; self-confinement

Janitor-a need to clean up some aspect of your life

Jaw-inner strength

Jet (plane)-spiritual advancement; fast track

Jewelry-may symbolize special talents or gifts, rewards; Do you accept the jewelry?

Joker (card)-humiliation

Journey-the path you are taking in life; may indicate a real journey

Judge-making decisions

Jumping-shows impatience with your progress

Junk mail-insignifican messages

Jury-your Higher Self



Key— access to an area; losing the key means you have no access, you can’t get in, loss of control

Knee-flexibility or adaptability

Knife—what do you want to “cut” out?

Kissing-an expression of affection, a desire for union

Knot-a problem that needs to be untangled


Labor-giving birth to something, a new idea or project; Is it a difficult labor?

Lace-sensitive or delicate situation or person; aloof

Ladder— climbing up the ladder of success; Is it an easy climb?

Lake—may be the background for a spiritual dream; spiritual refreshment unless the water is muddy

Lamp-shining a light on some situation, person, project

Laundry-a situation needs to be cleaned up

Left-away from establishment; a left turn may be a wrong turn

Lemon-bitterness; trouble

Lemonade-acceptance; turning a negative situation into a positive one

Letter—may be information or a message to you; Do the letters form words?

Light-well-lighted place indicates that you have the necessary information; little or no light means you are “in the dark”; a light moving toward you may be a spiritual being

Lightning—intuitive flashes, flash of inspiration

Lily-grace, innocence and purity; a new birth

Litter (garbage)-mental or emotional confusion

Looking (out)-awareness

Love seat-a situation involving two people

Luggage-aspect of life you are carrying around; Do you need the luggage?

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