Therapeutic Emotional Touch

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Therapeutic Mental Touch

This method of healing will help you deal with emotions brought up by reading these healing poems. (This method also works when any issue comes up for any reason.) Please read the instructions first, before reading any of the poetry.

It is for emotional trauma that is reexperienced after (or during) the poetry reading.
1) Let the emotional pain come, don’t try to hold it back:

2) Negative emotions  (painful) will appear:

3) Tap/touch trigger points (end of each eyebrow, close to 3rd eye)—tap seven times.

4) Tap/touch trigger point at end of eye, across from temple–tap seven times.

5) Tap/touch bone underneath the middle of the eye–tap seven times.

6)  Pull on ear lobe—–take thumb and forefinger and rub in circles (seven times).

7) Then use a point on chest to release the emotions. To locate this point, find the nipple, travel ½ way between nipple and collarbone, then slightly to the side until you feel a slight indentation (will be sore)—
A) Rub and have them think about the emotions and problem and say to themselves outloud, “I love and accept myself even though I have these feelings (substitue feeling name if it is known).”
B) Do this three times.
C) Then repeat as needed.

Once the emotion is cleared (you will know when this happens because you will suddenly stop crying) touch underneath the eye, directly under the pupil, then rub sideways to create a better image or to just feel better. Emotional healing has just occured! It can be this easy.

This method of releasing emotional trauma is amazing. Not only does it work, it’s quick and easy. You can use this method whenever your emotions seem to overwhelm you. Please let me know if it helps you by going to the forum and posting a comment or email me.

Therapeutic Mental Touch helps heal emotional trauma. Use if when you read any of my poetry. It is designed to pull up emotions that need to heal.


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