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Gag over mouth-warning against talking or gossiping too much

Gambling-lack of personal responsibility; trying to beat the odds

Garage-place to store your car (body) or to store junk; Look at the condition of your garage–Is it cluttered? Does it have standing water (emotions)?

Garbage-something needs to be thrown out; something in your life is rotten

Gasoline-physical energy; Is your tank empty or full?

Gate-something that must be passed through (experienced)

Glasses-one’s ability to perceive (see clearly);
Thick glasses-major adjustments must be made to see clearly

Gold-(metal) means financial aspects;
Color gold-goodness

Golf-choosing the easiest path

Graveyard-treading on dangerous ground

Greenhouse– reveals your current state of spirituality; What condition is the greenhouse in?

Guns— explosions of hate, anger, explosive temper, angry words


Hair— the way you think, thoughts, attitudes; Look at what you are doing to your hair or the state of your hair–Is it straight, matted,or needs washing? Gray hair indicate fear or worry.

Hair spray-stiff thinking

Handcuffs-self-imposed restraints

Headache-difficulty thinking or processing your thoughts


Heart attack-emotional shock; could also be a warning

Helicopter-vacillating mental state; indecision

Hives-lack of acceptance; irritation

Home-your state of consciousness; Is it large, small and cramped,are you moving to a new neighborhood, are you cleaning?

Honeymoon-harmonious, loyal relationships

Horse-“wild” nature

Hot water-situation of great difficulty

Hunger-inner desire which needs to be fulfilled


Ice— frozen emotions or talents, hard feelings, tendency to “freeze up” when hurt; melting ice is a good sign

Inchworm-slow and steady progress

Indoors-the inner self

Insurance– protection, support

Island– isolation or separation, out of the mainstream of life

Intercom-communication between the conscious mind and the Higher Self

Itching-need for acceptance

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