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Dam-spiritual block

Dancing-moving in harmony with the universe; cooperation; stepping on toes or being out of rhythm means you are not in harmony

Dark-negativity; something is difficult to see

Deadline-time is running out; time restrictions

Death—does not usually mean an actual death. It could be the death of a relationship or the death of some aspect of yourself. Look for clues in the dream and then in your waking life for something that is ending.

Ditch-potential danger

Dogs-symbolizes parts of your personality, loyal, faithful–how do you feel about dogs? Then look at the action of the dog in the dream. Is he an enemy, or loving, etc?

Dove-peace; peaceful situation

Drowning-in over your head; too deep or overwhelmed; If the water is not clear, you may be overcome by emotions

Dust-negative or unnecessary aspect

Dye-misrepresentations; something is not as it seems


Ear-ability to hear, listen

Earthquake-earth-shaking experience; upheaval; or it could be an actual warning

Echo-repeated messages

Eggs— innovative, new idea is hatching in your life, creative force

Emerald-ability to heal others

Eyes—windows of the soul, or the ego “I”; also our ability to cry or express feeling

Eyebrows-hiding emotions or perceptions from others


Face-shows a person’s real personality

Faint-lack of inner strength

Falling— you may be headed for a fall, plans may fall through

Fan-may show a need for a cooling-off period; rest

Ferry-opportunities to utilize spirituality in everyday life

Fire— spiritual purification, being all burned up, firey temper, or impending troubles

Fish— spiritual food or ideas; “fishy”; fertility

Flood-overcome by emotions; drowing in unprocessed spiritual information

Flowers— beautiful loving thoughts,joy, grace; look at type of flower and season it blooms

Flying-spiritually aware

Food—”food for thought”, new ideas or concepts you mentally digest ;look at what you are doing to the food–eating it with ease, choking, at a buffet, fasting??

Forest— getting back to nature; shadows and fears; You can’t “see the forest for the trees”

Fruits— results of the seeds you have sewn; the “fruits of your labor”; fruits of the spirit such as joy, love, patience, peace

Funeral-loss; acceptance of this loss (may not be a person)

Furniture— thoughtforms your mind has created, your state of mind, beliefs, habits; It it new, old, cluttered?

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