Forgiveness Diet

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This is another method of forgiveness. It was developed by Sondra Ray. I learned it in a rebirthing class.

Forgiveness Diet:

  1. Write an angry letter to the person. Write about your anger, upset, hurt, etc. Write about  anything else that comes up.
  2. Burn the letter.
  3. List seven things that you want to forgive the person for. They may all be related to one topic or not. For example: not loving you enough, stealing your money, taking your power
  4. Create positive affirmations for each one. Example: Mother, I now forgive you completely for not loving me enough. You will have seven affirmations when you are through.
  5. You will write 70 forgiveness affirmations for seven days. (70X7)
  6. Affirmations 1-20 will be from the list you made on number 4. There will be a different affirmation for each day (which is why you created seven). Then #21-70 will be the following:  Mother (or whoever), I now forgive you completely.
  7. Remember #1-20 will change each day. Numbers 21-70 will be the same.
  8. After the seventh day, write a letter of forgiveness. Rewrite it until you have no feelings of anger, only love. You can mail it, tear it up, or keep it.

2 Responses to “Forgiveness Diet”

  1. Mona Says:

    If you list 7 things and create 7 affirmations, where are you getting 1-20? Where do you get the 70? This is very unclear.

  2. Betty Says:

    The first of 70 would be 1-20, then the rest would count as 21-70.

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