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When trying to interpret your dream, it is best to write it down first. Dreams from the subconscious mind are fleeting and difficult to hold on to. Once the dream is on paper you are not as likely to forget it. Then begin to work on the interpretation. First, try to determine what the physical objects mean by using the list below. Never totally rely on what this list, or any other, may say. Each person’s dream is unique to them. )Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind.) Go with what feels right to you. For example, to me a cat is intuitive, sleek and demanding. You may be afraid of cats. Therefore a cat in our dreams would mean different things. This list below is only a guide that I have found to be accurate more often than any other I have tried. I have taken this list from a variety of sources listed at the bottom of the page.

How do you know when you have interpreted the dream correctly? You just will know. There will be a click, a sense of knowing that you have figured it out.

Dream Interpretation Dictionary:


Accident —a confusing situation, something is out of balance. If it is an automobile accident, who are you about to collide with? It could mean a coming conflict or problem. It could also be an ESP dream. Consider this symbol carefully.

Acting-putting on an act, a show; make-believe, not real, pretending

Airplanes—high ideals or rising above a situation. It could mean “flying high”.

Animalswild animals may mean treachery or cooperation, group instincts
Domesticated animals may mean partly trained aspects of your character, or attempts to train or control yourself
If you dream of a specific animal, check our list by clicking here.

Apple-may show a need to eat this food; forbidden fruit

Arrow-direction or goal
Broken arrow-change your mind
Golden arrow-spiritual goals

Asthma-smothering; needs more breathing room

Attic-conscious mind Automobiles— represent your lifestyle, cars may represent your body. Are you driving your own car? Or is someone else in control?


Baby— usually a new baby represents a new idea or project; can be immaturity; How is the baby growing? Or does the baby die?

Bacon-working; “bringing home the bacon”

Bathing– a need for cleansing or purification; releasing pent-up emotions; forgiveness

Battery-energy, power
Dead battery-physically run down or no motivation; may be warning to check heart or even your auto battery

Bee-cooperation; industrious workers

Bicycle-balance; Are you riding well? Or are you off balance?

Birds— symbols of joy, light-heartedness, freedom, joy, estasy, music–may also symbolize the spirit

Boats— a journey, maybe your spiritual journey. What condition is the boat in?

Books—information or discoveries

Box-framework; container; limits or borders; boxed in

Breath-inner life-force

Bridges— indicates a change, maybe from one state of consciousness to another

Bull-stubborn; narrow-minded


Car-physical condition; state of body

Cat-independence; intuition; What do cats represent to you?

Caves—may represent the subconscious mind

Chair-a rest may be needed

Check-paying debts; if someone writes you a check it could mean money is coming to you; pun on checking things out


Church— your spiritual beliefs, morals, philosophy, or state of mind. Are you inside and happy or outside and alone?

Clock— the passage of time; business worries

Closing doors-an ending, completion; may be shutting out people or ideas;
Closing drapes or blinds-shutting out the light or truth of a situation
Closing windows-closing out perception or view of the outer world

Clothing— represents your idea of how you look to others, your appearance, your attitudes, self-esteem. Are your clothes beautiful, or worn hand-me-downs?

Clouds-thought patterns

Coal-deep seated negativity

Color— represent our emotions, “green with envy”, “feeling blue”; Check individual color meanings for more details.

Crying-disappointment, soul’s despair, regret; cleansing or releasing of emotion

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