I Keep Forgetting…

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As mentioned before, the thought, “Is this all there is?” starting waking me up at night. At first I would cry because I thought it was asking about the illusion. Eventually I thought it meant Consciousness was all, within me. Then today I realized, Consciousness is all and all is One! Everything is not just within my Consciousness, it is my Consciousness. I am All, everything. Not just the noticing, but everything….

Everything that has ever been observed is being observed NOW! For different angles, different times and ages, in appearance, but only NOW. “What if this is All there is?”

Working on my core issue. Bad parenting and lying seemed to be it. But when I looked deeper it seemed to be abuse. I keep forgetting, not worthy… I wonder why?

Why has everyone I know abused me? Because I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy of being loved… Nothing I ever do is good enough! There it is…

Jeannie was “punished” by Joseph for being nice and cooking French Toast for the kids on Easter. Egg hunt cancelled. Story of my life. Did some breathing to help process but it’s still there. Feels like a weight hanging around the neck.

Insight: Within the dream we are wearing a mask (our core wound). We forget it’s there. We then begin to wonder why people don’t recognize us for who we really. How can they? We’re wearing a freaking mask! 

Eventually we dissemble the mask and rip it off. Only then do we realize there is no one else there!

The instant “I” became separated from the Truth, Oneness, Consciousness I felt unworthy, unloved. Of course! I had separated from Love. How could I feel anything else but unloved?

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