What Is Real?

sharont6 | Awakening/ Enlightenment | 10 5th, 2019  |  No Comments »


Jeannie talked to me last night about how Joseph treats her. He ruined Easter this year because she fixed French toast for the kids. No Easter egg hunt…

I could feel the anger rising. However messed up you are as a person, don’t destroy your children. Well this issue brings up my insecurity as a parent. But I was better as a parent than my parents, Joe was better than his parents, Aunt Sue, Uncle Alton, and Dad better than my grandparents. All of my issues as a teacher stemmed from bad parents. Could this be my point of origin, the point at which I decided to become a separate person and ignore my godSelf?

Then I also remembered that within this illusion there are always two sides to every story. I have seen J totally mishear and mis-see a situation. What is real? None of it.

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