I Want a Life of Miracles!

sharont6 | Awakening/ Enlightenment | 09 18th, 2019  |  No Comments »


As I sat down in Big Red (recliner) this morning, I heard, “What type of life do you want?”

The thinking mind thought of all the different paths towards awakening I had been reading about. But what just blurted out of the consciousness was, “I want a life of miracles!” I knew that a mind had not made that decision. It was already decided for me. When I got up from the chair, I noticed that the hip had been healed. (Turned out to be temporary)

I laughed and then I cried. It was so simple. You are already healed and whole. Just accept it.

The only prayer that matters: “Please make me nothing so clear seeing can happen.” Tony P

As I ponder the events of today I realize that each person I have studied has a different view of what awakening is and how to get there. There is not just one truth. There is only your Truth.

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