Is Relaxation Key?

sharont6 | Awakening/ Enlightenment | 09 6th, 2019  |  No Comments »


Dreamed of Mr. Wright… Driving me down a Michigan road. Old restored houses flying by quickly. Then whoosh! We are going down a steep hill quickly. I have that butterfly feeling but I realize I’m not in control. I tell him I want to go back and do that again, slower so I can see the buildings. I see Mandy and hug her.

There was a relaxation in the body that I haven’t noticed before. I was drinking coffee and realized how relaxed I was. Is relaxation key?

I went to Walmart and while driving back I tried to stay aware. I joined the perfection of the traffic. People weaving effortlessly in and out of their lanes.

Focused on the middle of the tongue to help stop thoughts.

Set timer for five minutes of total awareness.

Listened to Rupert CD lesson 9.

Approximately 4:40 pm…

There was a shift. The sense of a separate self was gone and pure Awareness was there. It seems effortless. How long will it last?

Lost it around 7 pm while packing. Noticed it at 7:12… Back now!

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