Do I Believe In Disease Or God?

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A society is what it is based on it’s beliefs.

The only thing human about you is the belief that you are human… Pg 100

“… do not attack error. It does not exist to be cast out or overcome. The dream includes the dreamer but he is not you–not the I that I am. If you were the dreamer, the dream would be within you rather than you being in the dream. So it is with belief–the belief is the believer, but is never I. Mind never had a belief, and as there is no one beside Spirit there is no belief, hence no believer.” Pg 105

A man believes he has feathers and psychiatrists could not help him. “So with any suffering or sufferer–do not attack the feathers… Your concern is not with feathers– with body, laws, rules, thinking… but should be wholly and exclusively with God.” 105

“You have nothing to overcome before you are your Self. You have nothing you must do or stop doing, understand or comprehend… God has never been tampered with…

Under no consideration does, or should one attempt to mentalize the disease or problem. Do not lapse into metaphysics and try to discover what “wrong thinking” the patient has indulged, hence precipitating his present error or disorder, manifestation, nor what he failed to think, equally holding him prisoner. Such an approach is a tactic admission that there is a personal, a less-than-the-one Perfect Mind… To claim or admit any other mind, big or small, present or past, alive or dead, intelligent or stupid is to dishonor God…” 106

“In the Light of Truth one instantly sees there is no problem to solve, no error to handle, disease to treat, condition to overcome, and this Realization, Perception, already the unchanging Fact, appears as a “healing,” but in Reality no change has occurred.” 107 “How can one treat something that is not, where it is not, suffered by someone-or-thing that is not, in a place that is not?”

Tooth–Do I believe the disease is real or do I believe God is real?

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