Ideas in the Mind of God

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Is a tree just an idea? A tree is an idea in the Mind of God. It has no material form. TÂ

“The finite cannot function with, or make use of the Infinite. The one is forever unknown to or by the other… If the Infinite could appear within the finite concept, It would explode the latter–darkness cannot swallow Light and maintain its status quo… Should the attempt be made as a man trying to reach up to God, failure is assured… Only in the Light of the Allness of God can substance be known, understood… One cannot claim he is human…without disowning Spirit… Do not try to correct or deny each problem in the assumed human mind… The task would prove endless… When trouble seems present in the personal mind–behold God as what He is. Pg 75-77

“Begging God is useless… God can know nothing of the finite world… Whatever results one may seem to receive from requests made of God…is not because God has heard the prayer, but because the one praying has elevated himself above the limiting constriction (vibration) or certainty that the problem was unsolvable, permanent. His faith in goodness is greater than his faith in the power of evil, and this stimulates a better human reaction. But it is still in the realm of human…

Life, Truth, Substance, Consciousness, Health, Wealth, Intelligence are not qualities of God, They are God. The visible phenomena are the Invisible Mind’s individual conscious active conceptions, or awareness of Its infinitude of variations in form, pattern, color and use.~~ Consciousness as unseeing, unknowing, not recognizing Itself is impossible.” 77

The physical universe is not real, material, physical. It appears such to the dimensional so-called mind, but to Truth they are Real, Actual things. Spirit is their substance… No Substance, Good, no God can be captured, held, used by another, abused, deformed, transformed, constricted, malformed or even sensed by the reverse of Intelligence. 79-80

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