There Is No Awareness That Is Not God

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Heaven and Hell are just states of awareness. Are you in touch with your Self or not?

Question: If I am in a dream how can I awaken from it? Dream characters have no control…

Answer: You are not in the dream. You are observing the dream. You are not a dream character, you just think you are. Try to observe this world as a dream…

Consciousness does not reside in the body. That is the illusion. Otherwise you would totally see You are in this dream. You are just observing it. Peter’s metaphor of being the movie screen upon which the movie is occurring will help to understand this concept.

When the Voice speaks to me, it is like someone calling my name while I am asleep. It is filtered through the mist of sleep helping me to awaken.

Just an important note to remember–I wasn’t born in the other life. I just appeared mid sentence in the dream. So was I even born into this life? I have no memory of birth, just my family stories.

“Human doesn’t possess, or experience Life. The life you are living is not human. It is Divine…  Your universe and all it contains is in God, Consciousness… 

There is not an atom of matter, not a breath of personality, humanity, mortality, limitation or death that can know God…  Only the dream dreams. The so-called me in the dream is the dream’s self, not the “I” that I Am… Life is all God… What is not Life does not exist… Whatever is limited, harmful, painful, discordant, frightening (unlike God) is without form and void in Truth…” AA pg 64-66

If what appears to be a form of Life, something not Good, disease, germs…. do not attack it. Turn your attention wholly to God.

Whatever pretends to deny Life’s perfect Presence… is a fraud. There is no Power or Awareness that is not God.

*** So Life is the source of the illusion but It can’t perceive the illusion. Since “I” am in the illusion, does Life actually flow through me? If it does, how can I die? Since there is no “I” it can’t die. The illusion just stops…

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