Seeing Does Not Equal Truth

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The Renegade mind cut off from God but still connected at its source, like a wave to the ocean. God can’t see this world because it isn’t perfection. The mind, through thoughts, creates this world. It appears as if it is warped and distorted. Every time your mind touches God’s Mind, perception clears a little, like getting a new pair of glasses which are slightly better. Eventually the vision gets clearer and clearer until you no longer need any glasses. You are seeing Reality upon union with God.

(But the mind doesn’t exist, therefore this world doesn’t exist…. So confused)

***If I put 2+2=5 on the board and say that is true because I can see it, does that make it true? NO! Seeng does NOT equal Truth. I can teach it to others because I believe it but that still doesn’t make it true.

Eventually I will see that 2+2=4 and I will know that is true. However, 2 and 4 aren’t real things. They are concepts representing an idea. They are concepts of the Divine. The concepts are Reality but the perception of them is not. I can write the number 2 on the board for infinity but that doesn’t mean I have two of anything. 

For example, there is a concept of abundance but you can’t see the concept… When you see money, house, etc. they aren’t real because they are finite. They will fade away but the concept of abundance will not. (A dollar bill is actually worthless but we agree that it is money and that it is worth a certain amount of abundance. That belief doesn’t mean anything except that we agree.)

Just because you see it and believe, it’s still not real. Finite can never be the Infinite.

(Remember when your hand became energy and moved through each other.)

Awareness + Being All = Consciousness     A+B=C

Science has “proven” there are Multiple levels of consciousness. Or multiple universes.

Think of my drawing of a human rising up in Consciousness. You don’t rise up as much as clear… But the world appears to change because your filters clear.

Everything is God, Consciousness. Everything. Even the projection, illusion, false mind has to be part of God. That is the nonduality. Just like the reflection in a mirror isn’t real, it still “exists” in your perception. It exists as nonreality. We are all One even though “we” don’t exist in Reality. Your mind creates the reflection just as the Mind of God creates this world of reflection, projection, spiritual energy.

If it is actually created, it’s an illusion????

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