The Mind Creates a Story

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The mind creates a story for why you remain separated from God. As barriers are removed, it creates stories for that, too! Grandfather, ZM, ZM from Dallas, working through issues, then reaching out to Peter. All that actually happened is that “I” allowed Being to be. Began to notice It, focus on It! So the mind tries to explain. 

Something had to be healed, overcome, or a barrier removed. No! I am already Consciousness. Just rest here!

Several dreams about Tom. Someone stole my red wallet while I was at his house.  I go back and notice the toilet seat is nasty so I clean it. He asks me to live with him, no sex, just companionship. I say no. I could never live in a house that small. Resolving issues, I suppose.

God is Being. God is All. God is Consciousness.

Now, take away everything you see, hear, smell (senses). Take away space and time. What is left, God Is.

Raindrops on the ocean.

The false self can lead to the True Self… Is this true?

Change means we must let go!

It’s easier to hold onto fear than to joy.

When you no longer need to be a victim or create a victim, you are free.

Moving away from the false self ALWAYS involves letting go. This allows the Self to expand.

“If you don’t transform your suffering, you will transmit it.”

Richard Rohr

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