Thoughts Are Not You

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Thought flow–River of thoughts. Thought collages

Thoughts are not real. They are not you. You don’t have to stop them, just be aware. Keep focused on Awareness, Presence. Feeling and eventually thoughts stop. 

If thoughts knock at the door don’t go on a picnic with them. ALfredAiken

If there is an urge to do something (spread the word, write a book) be silent and a whole bunch of ideas may pour through. Thinking will be involved but it’s coming from a different place, Divine Consciousness. Not memory or the senses. Very different flow… These thoughts are still thoughts, not God. God cannot be reduced to a thought. The Thinker can’t be reduced to a thought. 

Our only job is to stay clear and focused on One Mind. Perfect, whole, complete, no lack. Pure Spirit doesn’t change. No time in which to change.

Prayer should be sitting in the Truth of who you really are, focused on perfection with no specific goal. Eventually that perfection will be mirrored in the illusion. But it’s still illusion.¬†AA

*** I have no problem realizing that memories aren’t real. I’ve seen memories being formed. I understand that they are actually only occurring as I am thinking of them. But why does this moment seem so much more vivid than a memory? Is it because “I” am aware of Consciousness in this moment but not even three seconds ago? I can only be conscious of Now…

Even what we think of as Now is a memory. It takes a nanosecond for the finite world to register through the brain. So all you ever see is the past. We are trained to NOT notice the NOW…

Thinking is judgment –the moment you think, you have begun to judge. Osho

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