Consciousness Can’t Not Be

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11/9/18 Continued…

Prayer. If I’m praying for something, that is a denial of the totality and perfection of God. Consciousness organizes our calls to communicate with Itself. Most people don’t know this stuff. Only Consciousness knows Itself. We can enjoy material things but they don’t drive the bus. Peter D

Consciousness doesn’t notice the passage of time. Ideas are present everywhere Intelligence is present. (Not finite ideas like the letter a.) They appear to unfold in this time, space mental realm as a sequence. In Reality they exist as concepts and are valueless. Everything is equal. Everything already is to the One that is existing. If an idea should appear in finite experience, that is occurring because of the already presence of it. Hence, the saying, “Thank you, Father, it is already done.” Everything is already complete. Start with the Divine and then watch it play out in this mirage or dreamlike setting. Abide in consciousness, which is fulfillment and it seems to appear in the world. The mental atmosphere changes and there is no feeling of lack that appears. One is living in a new vibration, still a dream but reflecting Reality.

Consciousness can’t not be. It doesn’t take any thinking. It just Is. Even if you are thinking wrongly. You (I) is All there is so anything the dream character does, it can’t be “you” doing it. 

It seems like the ignoring of Self creates the secondary self, but that’s not really You. It’s the fault of ignorance, not You. Don’t take ownership of it, what it appears to be or do or experience. It has no past, no memories, no guilt.  It is only Now. 

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