Noticing the Space

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6/22/19 Feeling better. Noticing the space around me and then I automatically feel headless. Also looking through Christ’s eyes… “God’s in, I’m out.” MEISTER ECKHART

Mystical Experiences

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6/21/19 Jean wouldn’t stop talking about how awful public education is and I asked her to stop. She did not and finally broke down and cried. Now she is upset and so am I… Trying to remember who I really am and it’s not helping. I feel I have gained no ground spiritually in the […]

The Story Is Meaningless

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6/15/19 The Way Within Going back to the life is a book analogy, the book is meaningless. The author writes it because the energy flows through the author onto the page. People may read it with a variety of emotions. However, the story within the book is MEANINGLESS!!! “I” experienced two shifts today. One while […]

**Three Main Causes of Misery

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6/10/19 Seeking is an anesthetic that we use to numb the pain of life… Seeking means having a goal. Finding means being free, being open and having no goals. In striving for their next goal, the seeker invariably misses what is always in plain sight… So, instead of tinkering with what’s troubling you, you need […]

The Price of Saying No

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19“The price of saying No to what we are getting can be very high. Depression and exaggerated anxieties and irrational fears, along with their bodily counterparts, are danger signals indicating that an enlargement of consciousness is required. These neurotic symptoms arise from concealed inner conflict, from unrecognised and unexpressed wishes that are incompatible with our […]

Thoughts of Suicide?

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6/9/19 Many people equate the view that they are the awareness in which all things appear as being non-dualistic. However, clearly if there is a subject and objects this is a sort of dualism… When you embrace yourself as the knowing of awareness all separation finally dissolves as awareness collapses into itself. ( not awareness […]

The Prime Delusion of Man

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6/8/19 How important is breathing to spiritual development? How important is conscious breathing? If breath is spirit……? ‘Hui-hai (one of Hui-neng’s successors) declares: “Prajna-that perfection of wisdom which is our true nature-is unconscious, but facing the yellow flowers it functions.” ‘ Eugen Herrigel, drawing on the same tradition and his own experience, had this to […]


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6/6/19 In effect, Jesus insists that you turn your attention round 180 ° and simultaneously look at what you are looking out of and what you are looking at. L F Y Now you repeat the exercise by opening and walking in the front door of your inner house. This you do by opening your […]

Avoiding Truth

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6/3/19 Enlightenment is the truth at rest, not telling itself any stories. Seeking and the goal of enlightenment is the truth in story mode. Whatever you have to effort for is what you’re using to avoid truth. You tell yourself many stories… when the last story reaches its last page, freedom is at hand. From […]

Look Inward and Outward

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6/2/19 “You’re so much less than a person but you’re so much more than that as well because you are awareness itself. You are the light in which all of this is happening.” He who knows that he is Spirit, becomes Spirit, becomes everything; neither gods nor men can prevent him …BRIHADARANYAKA UPANISHAD (7th c. […]