Oil Pulling

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I just read about an ancient technique of healing called oil pulling. I am going to start experimenting with it today. If I see positive results, I will post about it in more detail later.

Law of Attraction Secret

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Law of Attraction: Why does the Law of Attraction only work for about 20% of the people? What are the other 80% doing wrong? Nothing. The Law of Attraction works but not the way we have been taught. We are all vibrational beings. We do attract things at the same level of our vibration. But […]

Law of Atteaction

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For many years I wrote affirmations (sometimes1,000s of them). Sometimes I received what I wanted, sometimes I didn’t. Then I started reading literature stating that LOA didn’t work for the majority of people. Of course, the author knew how to change this! Well, no they don’t know how to change your life. See tomorrow’s post […]