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A colleague of mine recently received terrible news about her son. He was ill with what everyone assumed was a stomach virus. Since a really severe one was making its rounds in our school, it seemed like a logical assumption. But he never got better. After several trips to the emergency room, a diagnosis of […]

Heel Pain

I recently started back to school and walking on the concrete floor usually gives me several weeks of feet and/or leg pain. This year I developed plantar fasciitis. Oh my was it painful to walk or even get up out of bed. I bought heel pads and Dr. Scholl’s shoes. Nothing helped but a large […]

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 Proverbs 17:22 says that “a happy heart is good medicine.” Laughter can help you heal. (To see the picture, click on comment)

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D has long been known to help prevent heart attacks and cancer. Now scientist have discovered that Vitamin D may also help protect you from mold allergies. You can take the “Sunshine Vitamin” in supplement form, or from getting at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight a day. I take Cod Liver Oil supplements […]

Numbers in Dreams

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When determining the meaning of numbers in your dreams, you need to deal with single digits. To do this simply add up all of the digits in the number. For example 317 would be 3+1+7=11 and then 1+1=2 so you would look up the meaning for the number 2. I have included several meanings for […]

New Information About Cancer

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I am including a link here to a video about new theories concerning the formation of cancer and other serious disease. This is a breakthrough discovery and certainly warrants further study.

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“Diseases can be our spiritual flat tires – disruptions in our lives that seem to be disasters at the time but end by redirecting our lives in a meaningful way.”  by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel

Laughter Can Heal

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Can laughter really help us heal? It does appear that this is true. Scientists have discovered that laughing increases the rate of heart beats and muscle contractions. It also stimulates the  endocrine, cardiovascular, and circulatory systems. Some studies have  shown that laughter also helps strengthen the immune system and reduces stress . In his book Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins called […]

Dogs Vs. Cats

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There is a big debate in our house right now. Which is better–cats or dogs?  I vote for DOGS! My children vote for CATS! Read the list below and then send in your comments! 11. Dogs come when you call them. Cats take a message and get back to you. 10. Dogs look much better at […]

Twenty-five Things My Mother Taught Me!

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Twenty-five Things My Mother Taught Me! 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE .  “If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.”   2. My mother taught me RELIGION.  “You better pray that will come out of the carpet.”   3. My mother taught me […]