Health in a Cup

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Health in a Cup This drink will help you attain the proper pH acid state for optimal health. It may help with arthritic pain. The cranberry concentrate may help the kidneys. Always check with your doctor for any major health problem. 1/2 gal (8 cups) apple juice–  Sam’s Choice 100% juice (not from concentrate) 16 […]

Laughter Meditation

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When I’m feeling blue, I pop in a tape, laugh some and always feel better. I also keep a collection of jokes nearby. You just never know when you’ll need a good laugh.Try a Laughter Meditation. Your life could depend on it. There is also a Laughter Meditation you can try. (It’s not really a […]

The Healing Benefits of Laughter-part 3

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Some hospitals are beginning to incorporate laughter into their healing programs. (I tried this in my classroom one year. My students became so rowdy, I had to end my little experiment. Apparently when adolescent children begin to laugh, they simply cannot stop!) Make a list of all your favorite tv shows that make you laugh. Some of […]

The Healing Benefits of Laughter-part 2

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Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s painkiller. This helps reduce, not only pain, but stress. Endorphins also build up serotonin levels which help heal depression.  You are obviously happier and feel better when you laugh. Children laugh around 400 times a day. Children are always giggling. They can have fun doing anything. […]

The Healing Benefits of Laughter

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The Healing Benefits of Laughter Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Laughter can help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Norman Cousins felt that laughter was the equivalent of “inner jogging.” It literally massages your internal organs. It can clear mucus from your lungs and […]


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There is something about watching birds that is emotionally healing. Maybe it is their grace, their beauty or  their simplicity. But spending time is nature has been considered a healing activity for thousands of years. My personal favorite is the hummingbird, although cardinals are a close second. I have tried to put out hummingbird feeders […]

My Journeys to Death and Back-part 13

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I have gone back to work teaching and am currently on summer break. I found the set of Hypnotic Gold CDs I had purchased from Joe Vitale just before I became ill and began to listen to them. Ideas began to flow. I pulled out research that I had done for a parenting book years ago. I […]

My Journeys to Death and Back-part 12

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Yes, I had received everything I had affirmed for, but in such a harmful, negative way that affected many people. Yes, I learned a lot from this illness but I could have learned the same lessons and received the same benefits from my affirmations  if I had worked through my old programming first. Since I […]

My Journeys to Death and Back-part 11

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To receive the full understanding of the following items, please refer back to Part 2 When I came out of the coma there was total forgiveness for my mother. I still don’t quite understand how it happened. The anger was just gone. Instead of me taking care of my parents, the roles had reversed. My […]

My Journeys to Death and Back-part 10

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So understanding the power of the mind in healing, I began singing little songs to myself about getting well. “I’m getting better for Michael’s sake, Michael’s sake, Michael’s sake.  I’m getting better for Michael’s sake, oh yes I am!” A friend of mine who does energy work (Reiki) came over each week and gave me […]