Dreams V-Z

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(To view complete entries for Dream Dictionary, please click on each post), or the no comments button) V: Valley—low spot in life, low thinking, ideals, lack of insight VCR-record or remember past events; could be warning that you are remembering the past too much Voting– What are you “voting” for? What do you want to […]

Dreams P-U

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P: Paint-to paint is to coverup something; to paint a picture is to express creatively Pictures—what do you need to look at, “picture this” Police-authority figure, your conscience, or indicates a need to analyze your actions; if police are chasing you it implies guilt, or a need to pay for your crimes Prism-view the situation […]

Dreams M-O

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M: Macrame-twisted ideas Magnet-obsessive, compulsive behavior; uncontrollable Mail-messages received or sent; Can you read the mail? Man-intellect, aggressiveness, will power, ability to fight if necessary Marigold-sign of encouragement Meadow-inner tranquility Meat-main part of the meal; most important part; or who do you need to “meet”? Menu-multiple opportunities Mermaid-spiritual confusion; denial of reality Meteor-inner enlightenment Milk-“milk […]

Dreams J-L

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J: Jackpot-rewards and benefits received Jade-healing qualities or healing talents Jail-need for punishment; self-confinement Janitor-a need to clean up some aspect of your life Jaw-inner strength Jet (plane)-spiritual advancement; fast track Jewelry-may symbolize special talents or gifts, rewards; Do you accept the jewelry? Joker (card)-humiliation Journey-the path you are taking in life; may indicate a […]

Dreams G-I

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G: Gag over mouth-warning against talking or gossiping too much Gambling-lack of personal responsibility; trying to beat the odds Garage-place to store your car (body) or to store junk; Look at the condition of your garage–Is it cluttered? Does it have standing water (emotions)? Garbage-something needs to be thrown out; something in your life is […]

Dreams D-F

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D: Dam-spiritual block Dancing-moving in harmony with the universe; cooperation; stepping on toes or being out of rhythm means you are not in harmony Dark-negativity; something is difficult to see Deadline-time is running out; time restrictions Death—does not usually mean an actual death. It could be the death of a relationship or the death of […]

Dream Dictionary A-C

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When trying to interpret your dream, it is best to write it down first. Dreams from the subconscious mind are fleeting and difficult to hold on to. Once the dream is on paper you are not as likely to forget it. Then begin to work on the interpretation. First, try to determine what the physical […]