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My dream last night seemed to deal with testing. A young boy came by my old house with his parents. He was trying to take a test. I wasn’t expecting him and had to send him away. As I was explaining this to his mother, they were both standing outside in the rain.

Numbers in Dreams

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When determining the meaning of numbers in your dreams, you need to deal with single digits. To do this simply add up all of the digits in the number. For example 317 would be 3+1+7=11 and then 1+1=2 so you would look up the meaning for the number 2. I have included several meanings for […]

Importance of Dreams

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(To view the entire page, you may have to click on comments.) Importance of Dreams We all have them even if we think we don’t. But what are they? We spend about one-third of our lives in sleep. Few of us understand the importance of sleep and dreams. But both are extremely important for our […]