Step 2

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I knew from my one other successful weight loss that my body needed to be alkaline in order to lose weight. (This is why low carb doesn’t work long term for me. Meat and most proteins are acidic.) The key was to eat carbs, just monitor when they were eaten! So I eliminated wheat (I […]

A New Piece of Information

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I do not remember where I read this article online. But it stated that you cannot lose weight if there is insulin in your blood stream. (Explains why the Adkin’s Diet words!) but when I try to do extremely low carb, I lose a few pounds and then my body starts shutting down. At this […]

The Beginning

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I decided to to a science experiment on my weight loss. I have charts and grafts. If anyone wants to know details, just let me know. As a former science teacher, this approach was right up my alley. I feel comfortable here! I had already eliminated sugar, most caffeine (soda) and gluten from my diet. […]

pH Balance–The Key to Good Health

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pH Balance–The Key to Good Health Keeping your body in an alkaline state is one of the major keys to good health. Research shows that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline state. That is reason enough to read the rest of this article. All food digested in our bodies metabolizes (burns) down to an […]