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The space in between options is a key to enlightenment. Learning to appreciate this space is of paramount importance. Space=Spirit. Space has been referred to as Nothingness, The Void, Potentiality, etc. But the essence of space is Spirit. The word breath means “Spirit”. So to breath is to take in Spirit. Think of all the […]


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Holy Spirit: Your purpose is to seek Oneness with God. This will bring to you the joy and love you seek. Your mission is to change your thoughts to loving, nonjudgmental and forgiving ones. There is no other way. You will share this journey with others. It will be the change in thoughts that set […]

My Book

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I havehaven age written a book for parents. It has evolved and changed over the years. It never seems complete. So I finally prayed about it. “I am tired of trying to get this book off the ground. Is this something I am supposed to do or am I just spinning my wheels?” Answer: “Yes, […]

Holy Spirit #2

  7/5 I am the great and holyOne and so are you. You keep asking about the house and we have told you it has sold. Just let it be. Herein lies the problem. You did not ask Me if you could sell it. It’s not that I mind. It’s that you knew, deep down, […]

Holy Spirit #1

This is my first lengthy communication with the Holy Spirit in many years! “These ar e the days you grew. Your lifeĀ is changing. You are beginning to see all that is important. The headaches are a sign of growth as your body realigns. You are not deteriorating. You are interiorating! There is not much to […]

Meeting the Holy Spirit Again

Years ago, I spent much time with the Holy Spirit. I had quit my job and was searching for answers for a traumatized spirit. But life intervened and I had to go back to work. Slowly I stopped talking to Spirit each day, and once again my life became unbearable. Finally, I began to listen […]

A New Life

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Much has happened since my last post. Last June my mother passed away while I was in Australia. I couldn’t get back for the funeral. I have had many issues with my mother in the past. I felt that she didn’t really want me there and so she died during a time that I couldn’t […]