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Consuming more nuts may be associated with improvements in blood cholesterol levels.

Sugar–the Sweet Poison

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Sugar in food natually is good for the body. But still limit your daily total to 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Check labels: sugars are often listed by other names, so look for the suffix –ose (such as dextrose, sucrose or fructose) or pseudonyms like molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup, corn sweetener, high-fructose corn […]

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Type 2 diabetes (the more common kind) develops from eating too much of anything, including too much sugar. When a person is first diagnosed, take your doctor seriously when he/she tells you to correct your diet. Type 2 diabetes can be managed and even reversed without insulin supplements.

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Soda and sweetened drinks are the worst junk food you can drink (or eat), delivering one-third of all added sugars.