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  – House numbers on the outside of your house should angle slightly upward from beginning to end. It encourages prosperity. – Plants should never touch the outside of the house. – Wind chimes are good outside the front door. – If the first room you enter from the front door is the kitchen, you’ll […]


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  – When sitting at the desk you should be able to see the door. – But, not in the direct pathway to the door. – There should be a solid wall behind you. – The best kind of desk goes all the way to the floor so that your feet are not exposed. – […]


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– Keep bathroom doors closed at all times. – Keep the lid of the toilet down at all times. – No family pictures in the bathroom. – Shouldn’t be able to see the bathroom from the bedroom.


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  – All beds should have a solid headboard and footboard (no slats). – The headboard should be placed against a solid wall. – The footboard should rise a couple of inches above the top of the mattress. – A bed should never sit on the floor. – If you have a two piece box […]

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Using the chart below: The wall that contains your front door should represent the bottom line of the Bagua chart. The rest of your home overlayed onto the rest of the chart. The colors represented in the chart are the colors that will enhance the energy of each section.

Feng Shui

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Everything is made up of energy. Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement is a methodology that strives to achieve the optimal flow of Chi (life force energy) by the strategic placement of objects and furniture. THE FENG SHUI BAGUA CHART An important part of  Feng Shui is the  Bagua Chart. This is a blueprint […]