Should We All Be Vegetarians?

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“Man, naturally, should be a vegetarian because the whole body is made for vegetarian food. Even scientists concede to the fact that the whole structure of the human body shows that man should not be a nonvegetarian. ….. Now, there are ways to judge whether a certain species of animal is vegetarian or nonvegetarian: it […]

Spices May Reduce Cancer Risk

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Adding Key Spices To Meat May Help Reduce the Cancer Risk.  Spices such as Rosemary will do more than just enhance the taste of ground beef. They may also cut down on the risk of compounds that can cause cancer. So add them to your burgers whenever grilling out or cooking those burgers. Some spices […]

Garlic and Onion–Superheroes?

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Not only are garlic and onion superfoods themselves, they may also help the body absorb other important nutrients. A new study targeted how the phytochemical compounds in both garlic and onion may increase the bio-accessibility of iron and zinc, two essential minerals. According to new research data from India, consuming garlic or onion increased the uptake […]


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Onions are extremely nutritional foods with antioxidants and other nutritious benefits. But you can get even more out of them if you store them for a while. Storing red onions for several months may boost their levels of cancer-fighting, heart-disease-diminishing quercetin by up to 30 percent, according to a new study.

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Consuming more nuts may be associated with improvements in blood cholesterol levels.

Mood Food

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The link between diet and mood may extend to a variety of nutrients, according to the literature. Nutrition experts and scientists from around the world have reported that ingredients such as zinc, omega-3, folate, St John’s wort, green tea and red clover may reduce the symptoms of depression. Source: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism […]

Milk–It Does a Woman’s Body Good!

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Women who drink two large glasses of milk a day after their weight-lifting routine gained more muscle and lost more fat compared to women who drank sugar-based energy drinks, a recent study has found.

Orange Juice–Good For Your Heart!

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This favorite breakfast drink may help keep your arteries squeaky clean: orange juice. In a study of men, those with a high intake of vitamin C — as well as berries and other fresh fruit — experienced significantly less thickening of their carotid arteries compared with the low fruit-and-C group.

Green Tea Benefits Again!

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Daily supplements of an extract of green tea may reduce levels of a specific protein linked to heart disease. Obese people with metabolic syndrome experienced decreases in levels of amyloid alpha, which may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, after drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements, scientists from Oklahoma State University and the University […]

Sugar–the Sweet Poison

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Sugar in food natually is good for the body. But still limit your daily total to 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Check labels: sugars are often listed by other names, so look for the suffix –ose (such as dextrose, sucrose or fructose) or pseudonyms like molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup, corn sweetener, high-fructose corn […]