Garlic and Onion–Superheroes?

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Not only are garlic and onion superfoods themselves, they may also help the body absorb other important nutrients. A new study targeted how the phytochemical compounds in both garlic and onion may increase the bio-accessibility of iron and zinc, two essential minerals. According to new research data from India, consuming garlic or onion increased the uptake […]

Vitamins D and E–Good for the Brain

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People who consumed the highest average intakes of vitamin E from the diet were 25 percent less likely to develop dementia than people with the lowest average intakes. Studies have also shown that vitamin D helps improve brain function. So make sure that you are receiving both of these vitamins to help decrease your risk […]


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Onions are extremely nutritional foods with antioxidants and other nutritious benefits. But you can get even more out of them if you store them for a while. Storing red onions for several months may boost their levels of cancer-fighting, heart-disease-diminishing quercetin by up to 30 percent, according to a new study.

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Nutrient-rich extracts from berries and pomegranate may protect the skin from the detrimental effects of UV exposure, offering valuable dietary approaches to prevent skin wrinkles, suggests an important new study. Korean scientists report that ellagic acid, a natural polyphenol may prevent the degradation of collagen in human skin cells, which would maintain skin structure and […]

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Consuming more nuts may be associated with improvements in blood cholesterol levels.

Lycopene and Asthma

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Lycopene Research  Supports Its Key Roles As An Antioxidant Carotenoid and Benefits For The Immune System and Respiratory Health ‘Supplements of lycopene may protect against inflammation in the lungs and reduce the risk of developing asthma, suggest results from a controlled laboratory study from the University of Newcastle, UK. The carotenoid, most commonly associated with […]

Mood Food

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The link between diet and mood may extend to a variety of nutrients, according to the literature. Nutrition experts and scientists from around the world have reported that ingredients such as zinc, omega-3, folate, St John’s wort, green tea and red clover may reduce the symptoms of depression. Source: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism […]

Vitamin D and Depression

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It’s no wonder it’s believed that sunshine can cheer you up, but insufficient levels of the sunshine vitamin (Vitamin D) may also increase the risk of developing depression, reports a joint study from Italy and the US.

News about B6 and B12

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A recent study of senior citizens in Chicago showed that increasing levels of vitamins B6 and B12 decreased their chances of depresssion.  Could this possibly be true for all ages? I know that when I was ill, I had a serious B12 deficiency. I still take special B12 vitamins with an additive to help it […]

Health in a Cup

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Health in a Cup This drink will help you attain the proper pH acid state for optimal health. It may help with arthritic pain. The cranberry concentrate may help the kidneys. Always check with your doctor for any major health problem. 1/2 gal (8 cups) apple juice–  Sam’s Choice 100% juice (not from concentrate) 16 […]