Anti-Aging Tips–Foods to Avoid

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Anti-Aging Tips Foods to Avoid: These are called the Major Agers. According to Dr. Oz, there are five major foods that you need to avoid. They are major causes of aging within the body. 1. Simple sugars and carbohydrates containing simple sugars; 2. Any thing on the label with syrup in it (high fructose corn […]

Anti-Aging Tips

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Anti-Aging Tips Reasons why we age According to Dr. Oz, there are the tips on DNA strands have little caps on them. Daily stress slowly erodes away at the caps. But intense stress (divorce, major illness, bankrupcy) cuts the little tips off! The stem cells cannot reproduce in normal ways.  That’s the bad new. The […]

Health Tips

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This category is designed to give you some basic tips on how to handle health issues. You know, like the wasp sting, the burn, etc. 1. Use heat to expand. (use before activity to losen up) 2. Use ice to contract. (after activity)–If you have hurt yourself, you probably want ice–15 minutes on, 15 minutes […]