Modern Day Miracle con’t

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As I awoke I felt the need to get out of bed so I did. I just stood in the middle of the room and looked around. My attention was drawn to the armoire in the corner of the room. Behind the doors I kept books. So I walked over and opened the doors and […]

Modern Day Miracles

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There are miracles all around us. We just have to know how to look for them. This is an example that might just seem like a coincidence. But there is no such thing as coincidences. They are just smaller miracles. Several years ago I had a student who was telling classmates that she was going […]

How Can Purple Irises Be a Miracle?

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How Can Purple Irises Be a Miracle? In 2002, I purchased my first home after my divorce. I wanted it to be special and I love purple irises. All irises are beautiful but my long deceased grandmother had an over abundance of purple ones. I associated them with her. A friend of mine had just […]

Update on Father’s Condition

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Update: Unfortunately all miracles don’t last. My father’s lung cancer has returned but he refuses to die. He’s still hanging in there while many of his friends, neighbors and relatives have passed away. The will to live can be extremely powerful.

father’s illness actually saved his life

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My Father’s Illness Actually Saved His Life As  my father continued to recover from his near fatal illness, strange things began to happen. When the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta returned his test results, they indicated he had a rare strain of a fungal infection. He was given massive doses of antibiotics at first […]

My Father’s Dying Miracle

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My Father’s Dying Miracle My father was dying. He didn’t want to be taken to a nearby hospital. He wanted to go to Centennial in Nashville where his oncologist was. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Even his nurse agreed that Centennial was best. The local ambulances won’t take a patient to Nashville. So […]

My Miracle Watch

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My Miracle Watch I had splurged on myself, something I don’t usually do. I bought the most beautiful watch. Its bracelet was covered with gemstones. A friend of mine told me it was a healing watch! Jade, I think, was the main gemstone. I loved the watch and wore it every day. One morning I […]

Did a Miracle Save My Life?

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Did a Miracle Save My Life? I was leaving my home early one Saturday afternoon to keep an appointment. I was running just a little late. As I eased out of the driveway I saw my mailbox. “Check it now.” I heard a voice say. I didn’t want to. I was late. So I kept […]

True Miracles–The Miracle of Michael

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The Miracle of Michael During 2004 my son, Michael, was working at a movie theatre in town. He was still in high school at the time.  After praying one night, I decided to meditate.  I had a clear vision of him lying dead on the floor. It terrified me and I prayed for his protection. […]

Do Miracles Really Happen?

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     Do miracles really happen? Of course, they do.  You just need to be open to seeing them. They are all around you. Life, itself, is a miracle.      According to American Heritage Dictionary a miracle is: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in […]